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The MentorAbility Initiative

 Is your organization interested in expanding its workplace diversity and strengthening workplace culture and employee engagement strategies? Become a MentorAbility partner and offer your staff opportunities to become a mentor!
The MentorAbility team will facilitate mutually beneficial mentorship opportunities for your staff with a person interested in learning more about careers in your industry or organization. These short mentoring experiences last from 1 hour to 1 day and are facilitated.
As a participating employer, you will be supported throughout the process by skilled employment professionals and with mentorship resources.
MentorAbility is complimentary and there is no expectation of a job offer.
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Join the Hundreds of Employers and Mentors who are Engaging with MentorAbility Today!

By Participating in MentorAbility you will:

Gain Awareness of and Access to a New Talent Pool:

Through this experience, you and your staff can discover how to tap into a unique and skilled pool of candidates to support your recruitment strategies and build a more inclusive team!

Develop New Employee Engagement and Inclusion Skills:

By participating in the MentorAbility Canada initiative, you will gain knowledge and skills to help you integrate job seekers who experience disability into your workplace.

Provide Your Staff with Professional Development Opportunities:

Mentoring a person interested in a career in your sector provides a valuable professional development opportunity for staff.

Expand Your Network:

Develop strong working relationships with local employment service providers who can help you tap into competent future talent pools and connect with the MentorAbility network at large.

Promote Your Work Through MentorAbility Canada nationally:

Participating employers demonstrate community leadership and a commitment to workplace inclusion. You will be recognized as contributing to a national effort to promote the employment and empowerment of Canadians experiencing disability.

Become a MentorAbility Mentor

Would you like to become a MentorAbility Mentor and participate in a facilitated mentorship? 

After completing the sign-up form we will support you with preparing for, and participating in, the mentorship experience. Sign up today! 

Become a MentorAbility Partner

In addition to engaging individuals to become Mentors, MentorAbility also engages with a variety of stakeholders, like organizations, to partner with.  Does your organization want to:
  • Share information about the MentorAbility initiative with your network? 
  • Engage your staff to facilitate mentorships for job seekers?
  • Engage your staff to participate in mentorship matches as mentors? 
  • Engage in research to build an evidence base around inclusive employment for persons experiencing disability, effective mentorship models, and more?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, sign up to become a MentorAbility Partner today!
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Resources and Learning

Are you interested in learning more? CASE offers a variety of resources for employers: 

Employer Training Courses

Abilities at Work Podcast

Abilities at Work Advisory Team

...And More!

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