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About the MentorAbility Canada Experiences

To understand the impact that the MentorAbility Canada program is having from coast to coast, review our collection of shared experiences.

Each MentorAbility Experience showcases the coming together of a mentor and a mentee through a mentorship experience offered via a local supported employment service provider that’s part of the MentorAbility Canada network.

Get to know the stories of Canadians who experience disability, the supported employment service providers who connected them with those mentorship experiences, and the employers who served as mentors.

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MentorAbility Experience Stories

Casey: Stacking up Experiences. Facilitated by WASO. Logos: MentorAbility Canada, the Canadian Association for Supported Employment and the Government of Canada.

MentorAbility Experience Story: Casey

Ryan, an Employment Specialist supporting Casey, commended the MentorAbility program for its effectiveness in providing job seekers an opportunity to explore their career interest. Casey was interested in learning more

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Blossoming Opportunities. Facilitated by March of Dimes Canada and ODEN. Logos: MentorAbility Canada, the Canadian Association for Supported Employment and the Government of Canada.

MentorAbility Experience Story: Rabeka

Through this MentorAbility experience, Rabeka gained confidence and was able to showcase her eagerness, professionalism, and strong work ethic. Before Rabeka arrived at MentorAbility Canada, she worked with a Vocational

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Paige: Exploring Possibilities. Facilitated by SaskAbilities. Logos: MentorAbility Canada, CASE, "Canada" wordmark.

Experience Story: Paige

Mandy recognizes Paige’s talents: ‘It is very clear that she is a creative problem solver” After completing an Administrative Assistant and Business certificate program, Paige was excited to begin exploring

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Anonymous: Successes All Around! Facilitated by March of Dimes and ODEN. Logos: MentorAbility, Case, Government of Canada.

MentorAbility Experience: Anonymous

With these two MentorAbility experiences under their belt, the job seeker found employment within their local municipality in the GTA. A job seeker came to MentorAbility looking for mentorships where

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Matthew: A Grand Vision. Facilitated by: March of Dimes Canada and ODEN.

MentorAbility Experience: Matthew

Matthew is interested in starting a new business. When asked about his MentorAbility experience, Matthew said the best advice he received was that he could create sponsorships for children who

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