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Hub Spotlight – MentorAbility BC

MentorAbility Canada Hub Highlight Series Every month, MentorAbility Canada proudly presents one of our implementing partners. They are the MentorAbility coordinators—the backstage workers who quietly go about their tasks to

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MentorHabiletés Colombie-Britannique

Lumière sur MentorHabiletés partout au Canada Chaque mois, MentorHabiletés Canada présente fièrement l’un de ses partenaires de mise en œuvre. Ce sont les coordonnatrices et coordonnateurs de MentorHabiletés, les travailleurs

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Neil Squire Society

CASE Member Spotlight Empowering Possibilities: Neil Squire Society’s Innovative Approach to Supported Employment In the heart of Canada’s employment landscape, the Neil Squire Society stands out for its commitment to

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Dr. De-Lawrence Lamptey

Dr. De-Lawrence Lamptey Breaking barriers for Black health researchers and children and youth experiencing disability In recognition of Black History Month, we are profiling Dr. De-Lawrence Lamptey, a Black researcher

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MentorAbility Experience: Anonymous

With these two MentorAbility experiences under their belt, the job seeker found employment within their local municipality in the GTA. A job seeker came to MentorAbility looking for mentorships where

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