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Strengthen Your Business by Recruiting and Retaining Talented Employees who Experience Disability

CASE is a national network of employment service providers.

We offer resources to and partner with employers who want to increase the diversity of their workforce.
Achieve lower absenteeism, improved safety records, and greater innovation.
Achieve improved business performance.
Achieve higher staff morale and higher staff retention rates.
CASE was founded in 1994.
300+ employers are engaged in MentorAbility Canada.

Here's How CASE Can Benefit Your Organization:

Learn and Get Involved

✔ Join the Abilities at Work Advisory Team

✔ Subscribe to our employer e-newsletter

✔ Listen to and/or be interviewed for the Abilities at Work podcast

✔ Take part in accessibility-focused training

✔ Use the 400+ resources in the Supported Employment Resource Hub

✔ Learn about supported employment innovations funded via the Innovation Lab 

✔ Take part in Disability Employment Awareness Month this October

✔ Book CASE or its members to speak at your corporate event


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Connect With CASE

Tell us about new, innovative supported employment initiatives your organization is spearheading. Please send us your ideas or advice on how CASE can better serve you.