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What is MentorAbility?

MentorAbility Canada is a national initiative built on a supported employment foundation that promotes the recruitment, employment, and retention of persons experiencing disability. The initiative provides and celebrates in-person and virtual mentoring experiences, networking and learning events, social media campaigns, as well as building a body of evidence through research activities.

With a specific focus on facilitating unique, short-term (from 1 hour to 1 day) mentoring opportunities between employers and persons experiencing disability, this initiative is part of a national effort to promote the employment of Canadians experiencing disability.

MentorAbility Canada: Inclusive Workplaces (video on YouTube)


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MentorAbility Events

MentorAbility Experience Stories

Get to know the stories of the people involved in facilitated mentorships with MentorAbility Canada. Each story showcases a unique experience between a mentor and mentee and the local supported employment service provider that facilitated it. 

To learn more about the impact that the MentorAbility Canada program is having from coast to coast to coast, read from our collection of shared experience stories:

Who Can Participate?

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Is your organization interested in expanding its workplace diversity and strengthening workplace culture and employee engagement strategies? Become a MentorAbility partner and offer your staff opportunities to become a MentorAbility mentor!

Three women smiling and looking at a tablet in an office.

Service Providers

Are you an employment service provider interested in expanding and strengthening your employer engagement while providing valuable career exploration opportunities for your clients who experience disability? Become a MentorAbility partner today!

A woman in a jean jacket smiling and crossing her arms.

Job Seekers

Are you a person experiencing disability? Do you want to be part of the workforce? Would you like to meet people to learn more about a career that interests you? Participate in a MentorAbility mentorship!

All MentorAbility Participants Benefit:

  • Local employment service providers (site partners) connect with a national network, build value-added relationships with local employers, and offer unique career development experience to their clients.
  • Persons experiencing disability who are actively seeking employment (mentees) are matched with a mentor to learn more about careers that interest them.
  • Employers and individuals interested in offering mentoring opportunities (employers and mentors), including private businesses, non-profit and public service organizations, learn inclusive employment strategies and connect with a pool of potential future employees.
Map of Canada with locations of MentorAbility Hubs in each province/territory.

MentorAbility Hubs

MentorAbility Canada is coordinated by CASE in collaboration with implementing partners, called “MentorAbility Hubs,” that are located across the country. Together we provide information, knowledge, and tools to facilitate beneficial short-term mentoring opportunities for employers, mentors and job seekers.

Hubs are the first connection point for local employment service providers (site partners), persons experiencing disability (mentees) and employers (mentors ) to connect with the national MentorAbility Canada network.

Twelve MentorAbility Canada provincial and territorial hubs, along with many site partners, offer resources and information and/or facilitate mentoring experiences across Canada.

Explore the MentorAbility Hubs below and connect with the Hub in your region today.

Connect With Your Local MentorAbility Hub

Alberta Hub:

Gateway Association

Location: Edmonton

Contact Person: Jamie Thiessen
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-780-454-0701

Location: Calgary

Contact Person: Alia Aluma
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-587-779-7888

British Columbia Hub:

Inclusion BC

Location: Lower Mainland, Interior and Northern BC

Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-604-777-9100 or

Manitoba Hub:

Work And Social Opportunities (WASO)

Location: Manitoba

Contact Person: Wade Slater
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-204-226-2844

New Brunswick Hub:

Avenue NB

Location: New Brunswick

Contact Person: Marsha Hitchcock
Email: [email protected]

Nova Scotia Hub:

TEAM Work Cooperative

Location: Nova Scotia

Contact Person: David Wareing
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-902-422-8900

Newfoundland & Labrador Hub:

Avalon Employment Inc.

Location: Newfoundland-Labrador

Contact Person: Courtney Abbott
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-709-579-4866

Logo for Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society (NDMS). Two adults and a child dressed in traditional attire are holding a blanket in the air with which they are keeping a person using a wheelchair aloft. NDMS is written in four languages.

Nunavut Hub:

Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society (NDMS)

Location: Nunavut

Contact Person: Lisa Spencer
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-902-577-3066

Ontario Hub:

March of Dimes Canada

Location: Ontario

Contact Person: Lisa Livingston
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-519-579-5530 ext. 262

Ontario Hub:

Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN)

Location: Ontario

Contact Person: Jenny Hope
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-866-280-6366 ext. 102

Prince Edward Island Hub:


Location: Montague

Contact Person: Ellie Beck
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-902-892-9149 ext. 226

Location: Summerside-Prince County

Contact Person: Amy Doyle
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-902-892-9149 ext. 226

Quebec Hub:

Northwest Territories Hub

Inclusion Yukon logo. Dark blue small circle within large circle, and a third medium-sized circle entwined on right side with the small and large circles.

Yukon Hub:

Inclusion Yukon

Location: Whitehorse

Contact Person: Ricardo Espada Horsfall
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-867-667-4606

Location: Whitehorse

Contact Person: Sharon Ulrich
Email: [email protected]
Tel No: 1-867-667-4606

Saskatchewan Hub:


Location: Regina

Contact Person: Carmen Donald
Email: [email protected]

Location: Saskatoon

Contact Person: Samantha Luker
Email: [email protected]

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