Canadian Association for Supported Employment

HR Toolkit

The Canadian Association for Supported Employment HR Inclusive Policy Toolkit

While the business case for hiring Canadians who experience disability has been repeatedly demonstrated, some employers remain unsure how to best integrate this highly skilled group of individuals into their labour force.

The CASE toolkit has been designed in collaboration with the supported employment service provider community to assist small- and medium-sized Employers (SMEs) on becoming familiar with the framework of inclusion policies and procedures. Before seeking the assistance of one of our service provider members, we encourage you to review the toolkit. It will put you on a successful path for integrating a person experiencing disability into your workplace.

Photo: Person with dark skin in a wheelchair wearing casual clothing is smiling while working in an office setting.

Self-Assessment Test

To measure your level of knowledge and understanding, we encourage you to take our Self-Assessment Test. This short test will provide insight into what you know and what areas you may know less about—and guide you to toolkit modules that are relevant to your profile.

Please also take a moment to read the “Key Considerations” section before diving into the policies and additional content!