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Accessible Communications

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Accessible Communications

All businesses thrive on effective communication. A vital part of effective communication is accessibility. Accessibility ensures equitable access to critical information for all members of your workforce including people experiencing disabilities.

Delivering accessible communication increases your organization’s ability to:

  • attract a wider network of clients and talented workers,
  • increase efficiency and worker engagement, and
  • minimize errors related to miscommunication.


This course provides an overview of accessibility and universal design principles that can help you optimize your business communications for greater effectiveness and inclusivity.  

This brief course outlines: 

  • why employers need to plan for accessibility, 
  • how universal design (UD) can shape your thinking and approach, and 
  • how to create positive change through simple strategies and tips. 


Course Delivery

This course is delivered online and can be completed at your convenience in about 40 minutes. It offers information, video content, strategies and downloadable resources. Successful participants receive micro-credentials which can be posted on social media channels like LinkedIn or your company website to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

You can self-register for the course and begin learning at any time on the CASE learning portal. For any further assistance, contact: [email protected].

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