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Guiding Principles for a Great Fit

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Guiding Principles for a Great Fit

It is a proven fact that diverse and inclusive organizations have a competitive advantage over others. Hiring and supporting diverse workforces offers businesses a strong return on investment.

This course provides an overview of supported employment and demonstrates how investing in diversity and inclusion relates to a company’s financial outlook, ability to innovate and attract talented candidates. It offers practical strategies for improving inclusivity and, with that, improving innovation, creativity, and client service within your business.

This brief course provides:

  • an introduction to supported employment,
  • an understanding of how diversity and inclusion can improve business performance,
  • an overview of guiding principles to ensure a great employment fit,
  • access to resources, tools, and disability-related information, and
  • a DEI Checklist to explore your business’s diversity/equity/inclusion practices.


Course Delivery

This course is delivered online and can be completed at your convenience in about 40 minutes. It offers information, video content, strategies, and downloadable resources. Successful participants receive micro-credentials which can be posted on social media channels like LinkedIn or your company website to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.
You can self-register for the course and begin learning at any time on the CASE learning portal. For any further assistance, contact: [email protected].

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