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Hub Spotlight – MentorAbility BC

MentorAbility Canada Hub Highlight Series Every month, MentorAbility Canada proudly presents one of our implementing partners. They are the MentorAbility coordinators—the backstage workers who quietly go about their tasks to […]

MentorHabiletés Colombie-Britannique

Lumière sur MentorHabiletés partout au Canada Chaque mois, MentorHabiletés Canada présente fièrement l’un de ses partenaires de mise en œuvre. Ce sont les coordonnatrices et coordonnateurs de MentorHabiletés, les travailleurs […]

MentorAbility Experience: Tyler

Canadian Grind Cafes is a small coffee chain in B.C. that offers specialty food and drink. The brand is known for empowering staff by providing inclusive environments with flexible schedules while offering extra knowledge, support and training requested by staff. We knew these stores would be a great environment for mentorships to take place and we were thrilled when owner, Lynnette, agreed to partner with MentorAbility.

MentorAbility Experience: Brian and Mica

MentorAbility Experience - Brian

When Brian first heard about MentorAbility – and the idea he could gain a valuable mentoring experience in a desired field – he immediately wanted to do something with cars. As a fan of cars, Brian thought a good entry point into this industry would be cleaning and washing vehicles for a dealership. Thankfully, MentorAbility was able to connect Brian with Chilliwack Ford in B.C.

MentorAbility Experience: Ashwini

MentorAbility Experience - Ashwini

Ashwini participated in MentorAbility to experience what it would be like to work as a receptionist in a small business environment. The skills that entail reception duties is something that Ashwini has never done before. We were able to connect Ashwini with a new local business owner of Liz’s Bookkeeping Services and her colleague Brenda. Liz is active and supportive to equal job opportunities and was happy to mentor and show Ashwini the daily tasks in reception.

MentorAbility Experience: Cameron

MentorAbility Experience - Cameron

Cameron was looking for a MentorAbility experience where he would have the opportunity to try something new and work on his customer service skills. Cameron was a fan of Game Changerz VR from the first time he walked through their doors as a customer. He was impressed by the outstanding customer service the staff provided and how welcome they made him feel. When AiMHi staff reached out to the owners of Game Changerz VR to propose the idea of doing a MentorAbility Placement, they were already familiar with Cameron as being one of their customers, and wanted Cameron to get the most of his MentorAbility experience.

MentorAbility Experience: Brody

MentorAbility Experience - Brody

You could say that repairing things has been in Brody’s blood for a long time. While he has had an interest in mechanics since high school, Brody was hesitant to apply to any garages as he felt he didn’t have sufficient education or experience.

Through MentorAbility, Brody was matched with Ralph Van Worden Automotive Repair. This MentorAbility Experience provided him with an opportunity to shadow three mechanics and work directly on vehicles alongside each employee. Through discussion, Brody was able to explore how the mechanics chose their field of work, given their diverse backgrounds.