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REALM: Committed to Authentic Inclusion

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REALM Services is a supportive service agency founded in Cranbrook, BC in May 2003 to foster self-empowerment, human rights, and advocacy for adults with diverse abilities.

REALM supports individuals in attaining inclusive opportunities for personal growth, empowerment, and developing independence within the community. They use a facilitation approach that maintains dignity, self-determination, and the right to make choices.

Support is provided:

  • In the community through their Community Inclusion Program
  • In the home with their Supportive Living/Outreach Program
  • On the job with their employment skill development/support and job coaching
REALM believes that individuals have the right to:
  • Empower themselves with knowledge. 
  • Seek out and be involved in new experiences. 
  • Receive encouragement and support to engage and contribute to the community encompassing them. 
  • Discover and achieve their full unique potential and share their value in the world.
REAL Services Inc. logo: large blue and purple star on its side with one side pointing upwards and with a smaller white star with upward movement in its middle.
Participation and contribution within community for all citizens, fulfilling all the realms of quality of life – Authentic Inclusion.

ICE Awards for Inclusive Community Employment

Currently, the agency is working on their 6th Annual ICE Awards for Inclusive Community Employment. The award is an opportunity to highlight and show the value of inclusiveness, open-minded thinking, and progress in their local communities. It brings together the inclusive employment community, while expanding its reach. 

Awards are provided for Community Mentor, Innovated Career Builders, Accessibility, Authentic Leader, and Emboldened Visionary.

Real Plans for Real Life

Real plans are developed that provide self-directed, real-life opportunities and real-life experiences.

Like everything REALM does throughout their organization, they have a very person-centred view and approach. They ask people what their interests are and work with them to develop a suitable plan.

Service strategies are customized to develop real plans that provide self-directed, real-life opportunities and real-life experiences. Individuals’ rights are honoured with the assurance that the support they receive ignites their goals in active participation to achieve personal accomplishments and growth.

Spread the Word about Inclusion

The team at REALM hopes to continue to show organizations the immense benefits of being an inclusive employer. They have witnessed much growth in this area with collaborations and participation growing by more than 50% in the past two years. 

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