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MentorAbility Canada Hub Highlight Series

Every month, MentorAbility Canada proudly presents one of our implementing partners. They are the MentorAbility coordinators—the backstage workers who quietly go about their tasks to ensure that job seekers, employers, and service providers can shine in the spotlight.

Promoting Inclusion and Empowerment:
The Pivotal and Indispensable Role of MentorAbility BC

In the dynamic job markets across British Columbia (BC), MentorAbility plays a crucial role in promoting inclusion and empowerment.

MentorAbility BC is coordinated by Inclusion BC with partners across the province.

With the contributions of Tina Dam, Sonali Kuber, and Jillian Bradley, MentorAbility BC’s three passionate team members, the program is a catalyst for change across the province. 

Cultivating Authentic Connections

For Tina, the essence of mentoring lies in creating strong bonds based on common interests. Her person-centred approach fosters enduring relationships between mentors and mentees, providing solid support for each participant in their journey toward self-fulfillment and professional success.

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“As I look at a mentorship, I see the benefits from a few sides for the community: someone gets to see what a job will be like before they apply or get a job. Leading to a happier employee and happier citizen, happy satisfied citizens make for a happy community.” 

Tina Dam, MentorAbility BC Coordinator   

Sonali adopts a holistic perspective on inclusion, emphasizing employer education and the creation of inclusive work environments at all levels. Her commitment to challenging preconceived ideas and promoting diversity enriches participation in MentorAbility.

“I think following curiosity goes a long way. So does asking questions, this applies to both mentors and mentees. You should follow the pursuits that interest you. I'd recommend mentors keep an open mind toward what learning something new could mean to them—education is a vital piece of the continued evolution of a workplace.” 

Sonali Kuber, MentorAbility BC Coordinator   

Sonali understands the value of being mentored as she herself has been mentored over the years. You gain a reliable figure to learn from in your industry.

Jillian, who played a key role in the early stages of MentorAbility in BC, brings valuable insight from her decades of experience in community living and employment support. She emphasizes the importance of cultivating authentic connections between participants and mentors, providing significant support for their professional journeys, and offering guidance along their career paths.

“What truly fuels my dedication to this work is the opportunity to provide hope and resources to those who may have lost it. I am deeply honoured when people trust me with their stories and allow me to guide them on their journey toward independence and fulfillment.” 

Jillian Bradley, Director of Employment Initiatives, Inclusion BC   

Collaboration, Challenges and Innovation

The success of the MentorAbility BC team relies on their constructive collaboration, valuing each other’s skills, and their shared commitment to empowering participants. 

The team is open to exploring new technologies and innovative practices to enhance the mentoring experience and to meet the evolving needs of participants. 

Flexibility to Meet Needs and Expectations

The success of MentorAbility also lies in its flexibility, allowing the program to be tailored to the specific needs of each participant. 

Jillian emphasizes the importance of this adaptive approach: “The key to successful inclusive mentoring lies in the flexibility of the program, allowing for efficient and personalized responses to the unique needs of each participant.”

For more information about MentorAbility BC, visit the Inclusion BC website.

Fostering Community Partnerships

MentorAbility team members play a crucial role in fostering and supporting partnerships and collaborations and in ensuring seamless interactions between mentors, mentees, employers, and community organizations. 

Their dedication to fostering inclusive environments and creating equitable opportunities forms the backbone of MentorAbility’s success. 

To learn more about how to become a MentorAbility partner, visit the CASE website.