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MentorAbility Experience: Ian and James

MentorAbility Experience: Ian and James

MentorAbility is all about making connections — links between mentors and proteges, people and organizations, and turning dreams into reality. So, when Ian came to us and said he wanted to be a professional wrestler, we got to work immediately on connecting him with someone with real, in-ring wrestling experience.

MentorAbility Experience: Rozina

MentorAbility Experience - Rozina

Having just recently moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rozina found herself in a new country without a job or income and was feeling hopeless because she needed to support her two daughters.

MentorAbility Experience: Chase

MentorAbility Experience - Chase

Keith, the owner of ADDvocacy, has always believed in the value of mentorship. MentorAbility was the perfect fit for him to provide support to Chase, a young man with ADHD who was looking for career and life guidance.

Through MentorAbility, Keith supported Chase in exploring his career direction. He provided Chase with valuable information and experience in facilitating workshops, public speaking and event planning.