Canadian Association for Supported Employment

Experience Story: Anonymous

Anonymous: Supports Give Confidence. Facilitated by Life Directions. Logos: March of Dimes Canada, ODEN. Logos: MentorAbility Canada, CASE, Canada.

Accommodations not only demonstrated the ski resort’s commitment to reducing barriers to inclusion, they also uplifted the employee’s spirits, giving them the confidence to fully dedicate themselves to their new […]

MentorAbility Experience: Ashley

Ashley: Doing What You Love. Facilitated by: March of Dimes Canada and ODEN. Logos: MentorAbility, CASE, Canada wordmark.

Ashley’s mentors were very happy with her work ethic and energy – so happy, in fact, that they offered her a full-time position, and Ashley happily accepted. We love a […]

MentorAbility Experience: Anonymous

Anonymous: Successes All Around! Facilitated by March of Dimes and ODEN. Logos: MentorAbility, Case, Government of Canada.

With these two MentorAbility experiences under their belt, the job seeker found employment within their local municipality in the GTA. A job seeker came to MentorAbility looking for mentorships where […]

MentorAbility Experience: Matthew

Matthew: A Grand Vision. Facilitated by: March of Dimes Canada and ODEN.

Matthew is interested in starting a new business. When asked about his MentorAbility experience, Matthew said the best advice he received was that he could create sponsorships for children who […]

November Member Spotlight – Life Directions

NOVEMBER MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Life Directions CASE is excited to announce November’s CASE Member Spotlight: Life Directions. Life Directions is an employment subsidiary of South-East Grey Support Services (SEGSS) created in […]

MentorAbility Experience: Anonymous

Exploring the Childcare Industry. Facilitated by: Life Directions, March of Dimes Canada and ODEN

The employers learned a lot about inclusive hiring and said they’d be happy to mentor other jobseekers in the future. One of our jobseekers came to us from Life Directions […]

MentorAbility Experience: Laura

MentorAbility Experience - Laura

Laura always had a strong love of the Arts, so when she began thinking of possible career paths to explore, she naturally leaned toward something more artistic and performative – eventually setting her sights on pursuing music and dance.

MentorAbility Experience: Lito and Nicolas

MentorAbility Experience - Nicolas

Nicolas is a very social person and always enjoys being with people, and so ICSS knew that MentorAbility would be a great way to explore jobs that involve engaging the public.

ICSS used the MentorAbility program to engage The Westin Ottawa to arrange a mentorship for Nicolas in a Greeter role and they were more than happy to accommodate.

MentorAbility Experience: Michael

MentorAbilty Experience - Michael

When Michael came to Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC) and the Inclusion Alliance to find a new job, he already had work experience stocking shelves in a grocery store. Michael wanted to work in the produce section of a grocery store next, but he was concerned he might not have the skills to do so.