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MentorAbility Experience Story : Nadyehzda

Nadyehzda: A Tailored Approach Finds the Best Fit. Facilitated by Avalon. Logos: MentorAbility Canada, the Canadian Association for Supported Employment and the Government of Canada

Her multiple MentorAbility Experiences were “very productive and informative,” and she could imagine herself working in all these fields in the future. MentorAbility offers job seekers experiencing disabilities an opportunity […]

Lumière sur MentorHabiletés Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador

Lumière sur MentorHabiletés partout au Canada Chaque mois, MentorHabiletés Canada présente fièrement l’un de ses partenaires de mise en œuvre. Ce sont les coordonnatrices et coordonnateurs de MentorHabiletés, les travailleurs […]

Hub Spotlight – MentorAbility Newfoundland & Labrador

MentorAbility Canada Hub Highlight Series Every month, MentorAbility Canada proudly presents one of our implementing partners. They are the MentorAbility coordinators—the backstage workers who quietly go about their tasks to […]

MentorAbility Experience: Ian and James

MentorAbility Experience: Ian and James

MentorAbility is all about making connections — links between mentors and proteges, people and organizations, and turning dreams into reality. So, when Ian came to us and said he wanted to be a professional wrestler, we got to work immediately on connecting him with someone with real, in-ring wrestling experience.

MentorAbility Experience: Carter

MentorAbility Experience - Carter

Carter has “always been interested in being creative with [his] drawing,” so the idea of a career in the creative arts has always been appealing to him. Therefore, when the opportunity came about to be mentored by a local graphic designer – through MentorAbility and Avalon Employment – Carter jumped at the chance to learn more about the industry.

MentorAbility Experience: Nicholas

MentorAbility Experience - Nicholas

Nicholas has been interested in machinery since he was a child, as he was always fascinated with how things work and what makes them work. So, when he moved to Newfoundland in 2020, Nicholas found employment with Mr. Lube auto centre and began to think more about making mechanical work part of his future.