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Mentorability Experience Stories: Trisha & Tiffany

Short-term mentoring experiences provide learning opportunities for both the mentor and the person being mentored.

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A Change in Perspective

After considering potential career paths, Trisha had her sights set on working in the restaurant industry because she felt her positive energy and upbeat personality would translate well into customer service.

Trisha was soon referred to MentorAbility to gain hands-on work experience, and the first mentorship opportunity that came along was in childcare (and not the restaurant industry). Trisha figured that any work experience was good experience, so she agreed to be mentored by Tiffany, owner of the ProCare Family Centre in Ottawa.

Through Tiffany’s excellent mentorship, Trisha learned that working in childcare is actually a lot like working in restaurants. For one, kids need to eat and be served food; second, their dishes and cutlery need washing as well. Further, Trisha’s enthusiasm and upbeat personality would be perfect for taking care of children, as kids need lots of affection and positive attention to thrive.

As Trisha continued her MentorAbility Experience, she saw more links between her original desired profession (the restaurant industry) and working in childcare. In fact, thanks to her experience with MentorAbility – and the fantastic mentorship from Tiffany – Trisha is now looking for work within the childcare industry too!

Awesome work, Trisha. We know you’ll succeed no matter which path you choose!

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