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MentorAbility Experience Stories: Sonja

MentorAbility had a positive impact on Sonja's career exploration journey.

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Writing towards success

Sonja loves being creative and, when thinking about potential careers, she leaned towards artistic fields that would allow her to express herself, such as an author or a voice actress. These fields can be hard for newcomers to gain experience in, however. Luckily for Sonja, she happened to live in the same province as an award-winning author; and, through the coordinated efforts of the PEI Council of Persons with Disabilities, Sonja was able to receive a valuable mentorship from Patti and experience what it would take to become a professional writer.

Through this mentorship, Sonja said that she “learned a lot” and that time with a professional mentor helped her “regain some confidence” in her writing abilities — making her believe that one day she could turn her writings into a potential source of income. Sonja said, “this service helped me overcome my fear of not being able to voice myself to get my point across,” further saying that she felt comfortable to ask questions, didn’t feel pressured by external guidelines, and was able to be herself. Sonja would tell anyone interested in the MentorAbility Program that “it’s definitely something to look into in order to gain knowledge of a field of interest” that otherwise might not be available, highlighting that her mentorship with Patti was “great” and that she really “enjoyed her time” overall.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Sonja! We are so happy to have been able to connect you and Patti together and wish you all the best in your future writings!

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MentorAbility success story - Sonja