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Mentorability Experience Stories: Cameron

Short-term mentoring experiences provide learning opportunities for both the mentor and the person being mentored.

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Cameron was looking for a MentorAbility experience where he would have the opportunity to try something new and work on his customer service skills. Cameron was a fan of Game Changerz VR from the first time he walked through their doors as a customer. He was impressed by the outstanding customer service the staff provided and how welcome they made him feel. When AiMHi staff reached out to the owners of Game Changerz VR to propose the idea of doing a MentorAbility Placement, they were already familiar with Cameron as being one of their customers, and wanted Cameron to get the most of his MentorAbility experience.

Cameron had regular interactions with the owners, and Mentor “Joey” went above and beyond in making Cameron feel a part of the team. Cameron thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Virtual Reality technology, including different equipment and headsets. He was shown the arcade management system, trained to properly sanitize equipment and assisted with enhanced cleaning procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic, set up booths for games, and assisted customers when needing help troubleshooting equipment. Mentor “Joey” always encouraged Cameron to share his game knowledge with customers and assist if he felt comfortable to do so. Cameron even took the initiative to create a poster, on his own time, to advertise a new free-roam arena game. Highlights of his experience were definitely getting to try out a new game he hadn’t played before and then later had the opportunity to join some children playing that game and helping guide them through. As a thank-you for his hard work, Joey offered for Cameron to come in and play some games for free and there was even talk with the owners about possible employment in the future. Cameron’s MentorAbility experience at GameChangerz VR was a true example of inclusion.

Thank you to Joey and the team at GameChangerz VR!

nMentorAbility success story - Cameron

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