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Mentorability Experience Stories: Brian & Mica

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A Clean Start!

When Brian first heard about MentorAbility – and the idea he could gain a valuable mentoring experience in a desired field – he immediately wanted to do something with cars. As a fan of cars, Brian thought a good entry point into this industry would be cleaning and washing vehicles for a dealership. Thankfully, MentorAbility was able to connect Brian with Chilliwack Ford in B.C.

Upon arriving at the dealership, Brian was quickly paired up with his mentor, Mica. From here, Mica took Brian under his wing and showed Brian the ins-and-outs of car cleaning – everything from vehicle inspections and walkarounds, to re-fueling vehicles and cleaning their interiors and exteriors.

Brian said that Mica was “very friendly” and helped answer all his questions about car cleaning, along with giving him some avenues to explore for future employment. In fact, Brian felt that the entire staff at Chilliwack Ford were “friendly and encouraging” and helped him feel at home, leading to Brian feeling happy and “excited” during his mentorship.

Brian left the dealership that day feeling proud of himself after a hard day’s work and knowing that washing cars could be a possibility in his future! Way to go, Brian!

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