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MentorAbility Experience - Anne-Li and Matthew

Mentorability Experience Stories: Anne-Li and Matthew

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Meet two video game enthusiasts

Matthew has always been interested in the world of video games. He was delighted when his employment advisor Ariane from Action Main d’oeuvre suggested that he take part in the MentorAbility project to talk about the video game tester profession with a professional in the field. When he met his mentor, Anne-Li, he learned a lot more than he thought he would about her daily work. He quickly realized that video game testers do more than look for errors or bugs in games. Anne-Li told him about the various software programs used to test games and about the companies that offer this kind of work, information that will be very useful in his future job search. Their conversation motivated him to broaden his horizons and to continue looking. Participation in MentorAbility is an excellent way to obtain practical and useful information about a particular sector. It’s a real opportunity to gain an accurate understanding of the realities of a profession, a very interesting advantage to have. He recommends that all those who wish to know more about a career in a given sector to participate in MentorAbility. 

Anne-Li, senior quality assurance specialist at Triple Boris, greatly appreciated her experience of mentoring Matthew. During their discussion, she talked to him about the various aspects of her work, and took the opportunity to share advice and tips for his job search. The two also discussed with enthusiasm about their common interest in video games. “This experience made me realize that everyone has to start somewhere. I am happy I was able to give him the help I myself would have liked to have had at the beginning of my career,” she told us proudly. Matthew left the experience with a good idea of what awaits him, which is so valuable at the beginning of a career. The meeting provided Matthew with a better understanding of the job expectations, an invaluable advantage for a person wanting to start a career in a field that fascinates him. “This experience made me realize that everyone has to start somewhere. I appreciate the fact that I got to provide a helping hand I myself would have liked to have extended to me at the start of my career,” Anne-Li told us proudly. The person being mentored gets a better idea of what to expect in the workplace, which is invaluable at the start of one’s career. The MentorAbility experience makes it possible to better understand employer expectations, an important step for someone who aspires to enter the job market in a field that that inspires them. 

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