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“MentorAbility” is a national program of the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) designed to help Canadian businesses to effectively recruit and hire talented, motivated new employees with disabilities.

In October 2014, BC and Saskatchewan piloted the first MentorAbility program. National Disability Mentoring Day is held on the first Wednesday of October in conjunction with Community Living month in October. Any CASE member is welcome to use MentorAbility all year round.

The main goals of the MentorAbility program are to:

  1. Assist unemployed Canadians with disabilities to become employed utilizing employer mentors
  2. Assist employers to become more successful in employing people with disabilities utilizing mentoring relationships and creative human resources recruitment outreach strategies
  3. Assist employment services organizations to learn how to incorporate mentoring as an effective method for improving employment placement results for people with disabilities
  4. Recognize and celebrate mentoring success stories as part of the national effort to promote the employment and full citizenship of Canadians with disabilities


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