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MentorAbility Experience Stories: Lisa

MentorAbility had a positive impact on Lisa's career exploration journey.

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Driving Through Barriers

Lisa enjoyed an automotive class during her schooling days and always thought that working in the industry would be a great fit for her; but, seeing as it’s a male-dominated field, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to get hired as a woman. Thankfully, this concern didn’t stop her from looking for opportunities, and Lisa arrived at MentorAbility ready to gain a hands-on mentorship experience working with cars.

We connected her with Neil & Watt Service in Manitoba, and Lisa was happy to learn that the automotive field was still as exciting as it was during her schooling. She found “great joy” in gaining hands-on experience in her preferred field, and she came away from the experience more certain than ever that she was fully capable of working – and succeeding – in this male-dominated industry.

Despite being a quiet person, Lisa really connected with Neil & Watt’s staff over a shared love of cars, and the employees did an excellent job of introducing a newcomer to the world of automotive care. Lisa was thankful for this experience and notes that MentorAbility is a great way “to get an idea of what it’s like to work at your ideal job without the pressure of having to perform.”

Everyone here at MentorAbility is looking forward to hearing more about your future victories, Lisa!

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