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Diana: Shipping Success. Facilitated by WASO. Logos: MentorAbility, CASE, the Government of Canada.

Based on her mentorship, Diana said she would like to work in this field someday.

When Diana was referred to MentorAbility she came with an interest in learning about how products go from one place to another; for example: how exactly does a product get from its manufacturer to the stores we all shop in? Based on this question, we knew the field of logistics would be a great fit for her.  

We connected Diana with the logistics solutions experts at Kuehne and Nagel. They agreed to mentor her and show her around their shipping and receiving facility in Manitoba. Diana learned that this particular warehouse shipped medical supplies for all the hospitals across the province, and she got an inside look at some of the supplies being shipped such as needles, vitamins and surgical gloves. She also learned how to read shipping labels and how these labels make sure products get to where they need to go.  

To cap off this MentorAbility Experience, Diana learned about the receiving side of the equation, watching an incoming shipment being offloaded in the warehouse and seeing how cargo was catalogued and stored. Diana liked learning about both the shipping and receiving sides of the logistics industry and enjoyed her time at Kuehne and Nagel. Based on her mentorship, Diana said she would like to work in this field someday.   

Great work, Diana! All the best in your job search.