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Diverse Workforces are Strong Workforces. 

Tapping into a new pool of talent!

What is MentorAbility

MentorAbility is a national supported employment initiative that provides an opportunity for education and awareness to be shared between employers and people experiencing a disability in communities across Canada.

This initiative offers a unique mentoring experience in which job seekers with disabilities (Protégés) are matched with individual mentors (employers or business leaders) – to explore different career pathways and opportunities in their desired field of interest.

MentorAbility is designed to assist employers to become more successful in employing people with disabilities by using mentoring relationships along with creative human resources recruitment and outreach strategies. By facilitating and celebrating successful mentoring experiences happening across Canada, MentorAbility is part of a national effort to promote the employment and full citizenship of Canadians experiencing disability. 

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Who can benefit from MentorAbility

  • People with disabilities (Protégés) who are actively seeking employment are welcome to participate and become matched with a mentor who is working in a specific career area of interest.  

  • Employers, including private businesses, non-profit organizations and public services, who are interested in offering mentoring opportunities, learning inclusive employment strategies and connecting with a pool of potential future employees.  

  • Employment agencies (Site Partners) who wish to connect with a national network, offer a unique career development experience to their clients and build value added relationships with local employers! 

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