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Mardokay, Harvesting Success. Facilitated by WASO. Logos: MentorAbility, CASE, "Canada" wordmark.

Mardokay was very interested in learning more about the produce retail industry, and after a mentorship experience, Krown Produce hired him on the spot!

When Mardokay first connected with MentorAbility, he was interested in exploring different fields of work. Krown Produce came to mind, as they provide high quality produce for retail, wholesale and distributors primarily in Western Canada and they also champion inclusive values.  

After arriving at Krown for his mentorship, Mardokay was given a breakdown of the company and all they do while also learning the ins-and-outs of produce distribution. He was introduced to the different types of fruits and vegetables from around the world; tour the warehouse and experience firsthand the shipping and receiving of produce; learn the importance of temperature control and learn important safety protocols for using forklifts and power jacks.    

At the end of this MentorAbility Experience, Krown let us know that they were currently hiring a Stacker, which is someone who takes boxes of packed product, stacks them on pallets and then wraps them in plastic for shipment. Mardokay was very interested in this job and after looking over his resume, Krown Produce hired him on the spot!  

Great job Mardokay. We wish you all the best in your new role!