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MentorAbility Experience Stories: Sara & Kyla-Lorraine

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MentorAbility: Mutual Learning!

For Kyla-Lorraine, administrative officer at SPHERE, the primary goal of participating in the MentorAbility initiative as a mentor was to help others. And she achieved her goal! In fact, she was able to answer all the questions asked by her mentee, Sara. Kyla-Lorraine was able to share the basics of her work, explain in detail her daily tasks, and paint a picture of what her job is like so that Sara could understand that profession. In addition to feeling that she has helped someone, Kyla-Lorraine found the meeting to be helpful. “This experience opened my mind to the various challenges that people living with disabilities face, especially the obstacles, constraints and difficulties they often need to overcome,” she explained to us. She recommends that all employers participate in this rewarding initiative. Giving your time so that someone else can discover career possibilities is very motivating – it can make you feel very satisfied.

For Sara, the experience was very educational. She was able to ask all the questions she had and gain a better understanding of what this type of office work entails. The meeting encouraged her to persevere and motivated her to continue her French-language courses in order to achieve her professional goals. The experience gave her the chance to reassess her approach in looking for work. Kyla-Lorraine’s positive energy led Sara to believe in her abilities and gain new confidence.

This meeting, a learning encounter between a mentor and a protégé, provided a unique experience that was appreciated by both participants.

The process of looking for a job is never easy. MentorAbility provides help to people who experience disabilities and would like to have a better understanding of the professional sector that they would like to join.

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