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Mentorability Experience Stories: Nicholas

MentorAbility had a positive impact on Nicholas' career exploration journey.

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Moving Mountains

Nicholas has been interested in machinery since he was a child, as he was always fascinated with how things work and what makes them work. So, when he moved to Newfoundland in 2020, Nicholas found employment with Mr. Lube auto centre and began to think more about making mechanical work part of his future.

But, despite wanting to learn more about the industry, Nicholas was left with more questions than answers “and didn’t have the slightest clue where to start.” Fortunately, his employment agency (Avalon) was able to pair Nicholas with a local Automotive Technician from Hickman Motors Ltd. as part of the MentorAbility Program. And, Nicholas was able to gain real-life experience in his desired field and ask all the questions he had about becoming a mechanic.

Nicholas enjoyed his MentorAbility Experience at Hickman Motors, thought it was “great,” and would certainly recommend the program to others. He felt that MentorAbility “treated [him] like an actual human being – one with wants and desires – and not as just another number.” He also felt that given the chance, the MentorAbility program could “move mountains” for individuals looking to break into their desired fields. Nicholas plans to enter a mechanical trade soon and he’s sure to make a great mechanic.

Thanks Nicholas!

MentorAbility success story - Nicholas

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