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MentorAbility Canada

Our challenge for the future is how to make relationships and build organizations based on the realization that there is no one whose contribution we do not need.

- Jack Pearpoint

The Evolution of Inclusion

Discussions on Creating Inclusive Workforces

Join MentorAbility Canada as we embark on a series of conversations about inclusion.

With over 6.2 million Canadian citizens experiencing a disability, we collectively benefit from engaging the strengths and talents of this largely untapped labour pool. Beyond this, we have the opportunity to create responsive tools and strategies to support employers in mobilizing this resource. Join Canada’s thought leaders as we explore inclusive practices, workplace culture, the role of unconscious bias, neurodiversity and employment as a pivotal part of citizenship.

The Speaker Line-Up

Ann Divine

Ann Devine, CEO, Ashanti Leadership & PDS, is an accomplished businesswoman, known and respected for her professionalism and willingness to support, coach and mentor others. Her business provides extensive career and professional guidance in leadership development and social justice issues.

Charles Lapierre

Charles Lapierre is a PhD candidate in work psychology (Université de Sherbrooke) and an
affiliated researcher with the Research center for the employment inclusion of people with
disabilities (CRISPESH). He currently serves as a consultant in organizational psychology with an expertise in establishing inclusive workplaces.

Wanda Deschamps

Wanda Deschamps is the Founder and Principal of Liberty Co – a consultancy focused on increasing the participation level of members of the neurodiverse population in the workforce with a special emphasis on autism due to her own diagnosis at midlife.

Professor David Divine

Professor Divine has spent a lifetime dealing with challenges occasioned by circumstances beyond his control, and also, using his lessons learnt from such experiences, sought to assist others in similar circumstances.  He firmly believes that; “We have agency. We have choices. Please use them.“  His contribution to the this series explores how he sought to be interdependent, use his vision and power to change the impact of the circumstances he found himself in and grasp new ways to actively ‘be’ his  authentic self.

Carol Blessing

Carol Blessing, LMSW has 30+ years working in disability services. She is on faculty at Cornell
University’s Yang-Tan Institute on Employment & Disability Cornell leading system’s impact projects supporting the full inclusion of people with disabilities in typical community life.

and many more!

This online webinar series is offered through the Canadian Association for Supported Employment and the MentorAbility Canada Initiative.


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