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Who We Are

The Canadian Association for Supported Employment is a national association of community-based service providers and stakeholders working towards employment inclusion of people experiencing disability. Our association strives to promote full citizenship and personal capacity through the facilitation of increased labour market participation. Through workforce participation, CASE also promotes social inclusion for Canadians who have a disability.

CASE represents a national network of employment service providers, employers, community allies and stakeholders.

CASE works to increase the employment inclusion of Canadians experiencing disability through the provision of leadership, resources and ongoing opportunities for learning, dialogue and engagement.

CASE builds the capacity of service providers to achieve success in their work towards employment inclusion.

CASE promotes the benefits of employment inclusion in the business community.


CASE equips supported employment service providers to increase employment inclusion for Canadians who experience disability.


Our vision is that all Canadians who experience disabilities have equal opportunity to secure and sustain meaningful employment. 


  • Diversity – following processes and practices that foster understanding and inclusion 

  • Collaboration – forming effective partnerships to share knowledge, resources and opportunities

  • Empowerment – inspiring employers and people experiencing disability to mutually benefit from workplace inclusion

  • Innovation – developing, implementing and sharing creative ideas that anticipate and respond to our changing environment

  • Integrity – interacting in ways that are professional, transparent and ethical

  • Respect – recognizing the value and contributions of others regardless of differences

CASE is a registered non-profit organization

which achieves its goals through:

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National Conference

- An annual networking and professional development event

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Best Practice

- Development and publication of best practices

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-Highlighting and promoting innovations in supported employment practices

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- A national supported employment website


Information Sharing

- A monthly CASE newsletter and blog


Community of Professionals

- A national network of committed and knowledgeable professionals

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- Online tools and resources for professionals in the field

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- Promotion of member services to the Canadian business community

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Canadian Association for Supported Employment

Tell us about new, innovative supported employment initiatives your organization is spearheading. Please send us your ideas or advice on how CASE can better serve you.


Phone: 1-800-684-5628

Address: 7051 Bayer's Road, Suite 501

Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 2C1

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CASE is a Canadian registered non-profit. 

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