The Canadian Association of Supported Employment staff are energetic and invested in working to raise the diversity of the Canadian labour market. The unique skills and experience that they each bring are essential to CASE's work to increase employment inclusion of Canadians who experience disability.  


If you have any questions about CASE staff or programs, please contact us directly. 


1-800-684-5628 ext. 700

Ontario, Canada

Joanna joined the CASE team in 2019 as the Association’s first Executive Director. She brings with her many years' experience supporting diverse Canadians to plan for and build the lives that they want in a community.


Joanna has worked most recently as the Executive Director of an Independent Facilitation Organization and is a past steward of the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network. Joanna holds degrees in Exceptionality in Human Learning, Social Services, and Voluntary and Non-profit Sector Management. She lives in a small town in southern Ontario with her husband and two teenage boys. In her off time, she enjoys kayaking, hiking, and reading.


1-800-684-5628 ext. 701

New Brunswick, Canada

As a senior instructional designer, Reno Michel collaborated with supported employment specialists in authoring the HIRE for TALENT employer disability awareness toolkit. A published author and PMP certified, Reno Michel delivered numerous study skills workshops to students, parents and professionals in Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, and New Brunswick. Master of Adult Education, Reno Michel facilitated and managed numerous competency-based initiatives incorporating concepts of Essential Skills and the Blueprint for Life-Work Designs for the workplace integration of youths at risk. Reno Michel currently lives in Bathurst, NB.


Nova Scotia, Canada

For the majority of her career, Jeanette has worked in the accounting field in a not-for-profit organization. Her love of spreadsheets and reconciliations is widely known by those working with her. You will often hear her saying, “I can create a spreadsheet for that”.


1-800-684-5628 ext. 705

Newfoundland Labrador, Canada

Nicole MacDonald brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to CASE, with over ten years of experience in community development, program coordination, and communications. Throughout her academic career, she has obtained a diploma in Nursing and a Degree in Social Work and is currently a registered Social Worker practicing in Newfoundland & Labrador.


Nicole believes in the power of programming and has developed and facilitated programs on both a federal and provincial level. In all of her experiences, she has yet to meet a person who does not possess great strength and potential. 

In her downtime, she takes pleasure in living (as off-grid as possible), spending time with her family, and raising a little nature boy.


1-800-684-5628 ext. 704

Ontario, Canada

Belinda Deenik brings to CASE robust knowledge and awareness acquired through 20 years of working alongside individuals who experience disability. Throughout her career, she has fulfilled extensive training, coaching and facilitation roles. All of these positions solidified her prior learning around the critical role of nurturing core gifts, talents and interests, as a pivotal pathway to career development. With a well-rounded career in the social service and training sectors, Belinda is currently enhancing her knowledge from a human resources lens. She recognizes the influence of the global market and the need for enhanced diversity and inclusion practices. As a trainer, Belinda is passionate about developing co-creative relationships with key-stakeholders, creating responsive resources and participating in a paradigm shift around supported employment. 

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