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Explore the Ability in MentorAbility 

   ‘Creating an inclusive workforce – one person at a time’


What is MentorAbility


  • connects people with their passion(s) in a work environment.

  • is an opportunity for job seekers to explore their career choices.

  • offers employers an easy way to connect with a diverse workforce.

  • takes the idea of mentoring to the next level!


The MentorAbility Experience [MA_X] is coordinated by a local employment service provider. In MentorAbility an employment provider is referred to as a site partner.  


MentorAbility enlists a workplace member to mentor a “matched” Protégé who wants to learn more about a specific workplace or career. The MA_X can be 1 hour up to 1 day long, at the employer’s discretion.

MentorAbility leverages collaboration between a national network of employment service providers and the Canadian Business Community to create opportunities for career mentorship and a deeper understanding of the abilities of the fastest growing ‘minority group’ on the planet – people with disabilities.

What are the benefits of becoming a site partner?

  • increasing your employment inclusion outcomes

  • offering employers an effective engagement tool

  • networking on a provincial and national level

  • accessing MentorAbility resources 

  • promotion of your work by CASE and MentorAbility

  • increasing your profile as a local service provider who brings extensive knowledge around disability and inclusion

Community of Promising Practices

We are a community of learning. Our network’s capacity provides numerous opportunities for sharing best practices, up-to-date resources, and new ideas. We’re learning from each other and building new knowledge, skills and ideas with every passing month. We’re challenging ourselves and we’re working collaboratively to increase our impact! 

New Employer Engagement techniques and tools


MentorAbility is a valuable new tool in the ‘Employment Inclusion Toolbox’ – one that serves job seekers, employers and employment service agencies, alike. 

National network of employment inclusion service providers


This national initiative has been designed and implemented by Employment Service Providers just like you. These Service Providers are moving this initiative forward and working to improve outcomes for the people we collectively serve.

Promotion of your work by CASE & MentorAbility Canada 


This initiative is about connecting employers and jobseekers, as well as raising awareness in the business community about the talent you represent. MentorAbility Canada can share your success stories and give increased visibility to your organization.

Training Opportunities

MentorAbility Canada supports employers, people with disabilities, and service providers

to build their mentoring skills, both as Mentors and as Protégés.

Support for Employer Events


During this initiative, MentorAbility will deliver over 140 workshops and Employer Peer-to-Peer events, along with a variety of events focused on Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM). 

Interested in becoming a Site Partner?  Click here to connect with your Provincial Coordinator! 

How is this initiative organized

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