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Did you know?

  • 6. 2 million Canadians experience a disability.


  • This group of citizens have a wealth of skills, passion and talents to offer Canada's workforce.  

How can MentorAbility support you?

MentorAbility is a unique way to explore different types of jobs. 


MentorAbility promotes mentoring success stories as part of the national effort to promote the employment and full citizenship of Canadians with disabilities.

What is MentorAbility

MentorAbility Canada helps employers learn how to fully include people experiencing a disability in their workplace. 


MentorAbility is a learning experience. 


MentorAbility can help you learn more about jobs that interest you and possible career paths, however, it is not a job.

How Does it Work? 

The MentorAbility Canada Team will match you (the protégé) with an employer-mentor.


Provincial hubs in each province work with local employment service providers to help create the match. 


The MentorAbility Experience [MA_X] is arranged by an employment service provider. 


It can last for 1 hour to 1 day long, depending on what works best for the employer and you (the protégé). 


During the mentoring experience you will learn more about that employer’s workplace and/or careers in that workplace.


Your level of education is not considered when applying to be a protégé and to participate in MentorAbility Canada.   The qualifications are your passion and your interests!


Your MA-X could involve:


  • a tour of a workplace

  • meeting new people 

  • finding out more information around a possible career path

  • receiving advice from experienced people in different types of work

  • having someone in HR provide feedback on your resume 

  • job-shadowing (observing) to see what is involved with a job of interest

  • learning more about a specific industry

  • completing an informational or practice interview

  • expanding your professional network! 

  • exploring the next steps on your career path! 


MentorAbility creates an experience that matches your passion and interest with the unique needs and offerings of local employers.


Interested in finding out more?  Click here to find your Provincial Hub! 

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