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National Webinar Resources

Thank you for participating in our webinar series hosted by MentorAbility Canada.  We hope that the webinar provided helpful information about thought-provoking topics and ideas.

We are pleased to provide you with some additional resources made available through MentorAbility Canada in partnership with our presenters.  Feel free to download any of the following free resources available in English, Plain Language, and French.


A special thanks to People First of Canada for translating our information to plain language.  Plain language helps to increase accessibility and participation for greater involvement by all.

To the creation of a more inclusive Canadian Workforce!  

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Resource Links

The Power of Disability

by Al Etmanski

“This book reminds us of what we have in common: the power to create a good life for ourselves and for others, no matter what the world has in store for us.” ~ Michael J. Fox

Available in bookstores and online.

Book Reviews:

Forbes magazine columnist Jonathan Kaufman suggested that The Power of Disability is a cure for the US's polarization.


Business insider lists the Power of Disability as one of 12 books for managers to read if they want to build diverse and happy teams.

The Power of Disability is one of 12 books on Diversity and Inclusion for workplaces in India.

Seth Godin's:  "Change This" created a manifesto called The Disability Advantage based on Al's book.

Review by Canadian business woman with a disability, Wanda Deschamps, in The Charity Report.


It's Time to Unify the Disability Movement

How to ensure social innovations during the pandemic stick around


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Webinar Recording

This video has English and French closed captioning available. To select the language, click on the Settings icon and choose your language preference. 

Note for French translations:  Le masculin a été utilisé afin d’alléger le texte et comprend le féminin lorsque le contexte l'indique, et n’a aucune intention discriminatoire.

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