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Over the last few months, the Canadian Association for Supported Employment team has been working behind the scenes to provide more informed, interactive and connected experiences for our members.  We believe that education and information-sharing are key components of working towards our mission to increase employment inclusion for Canadians experiencing disability.


The nominee(s) for this award must meet the following requirements:

  1. employs persons with disabilities in meaningful and competitively paid positions

  2. understands the economic value of inclusion for the business, the employee and the economy at large

  3. leverages his/her position as a business owner to create jobs with other employers through communication, media and peer to peer discussions


The CASE Board will invite nominations for this award in the fall of each year by posting the request on its website and via email to other potentially interested parties. Self-nomination is permitted. Nominations can be submitted to the CASE Board Awards Committee through the addresses listed below. Nominations can be submitted in English or French.

  1. The nominator will provide the committee with a brief letter of nomination (maximum 3 pages) providing the nominees name, location of the nominee, and justification for the nomination.

  2. Two letters of support from a peer or community member of the nominee, other than the nominator, that highlights the contributions of the nominee.


Consideration will be given to continued leadership in the endeavors to the promotion of full citizenship and personal capacity for persons with disabilities through the facilitation of increased labour market participation and outcomes, and to the establishment of a benchmark of Supported Employment excellence. Nominees will be rated as follows:

  • Recognition as a Role Model (50 points): Profile and visibility within the community and public recognition as a role model for hiring persons with disabilities.

  • Service to the community (50 points): Evidence that the local community has benefited from the endeavors of the nominee. The experience of increased labour market participation of those experiencing barriers has extended to other areas of the community beyond the labour market.


Recipients will be selected by the Awards Committee of the CASE Board. At the discretion of the Awards Committee, a maximum of two (2) nominations or no more than 25% of the total number of candidates (whichever is less), may be brought forward for consideration the following year. The awards committee can only bring forward a candidate for consideration once. Recipients will be notified by telephone and in writing.


The CASE – Mark Wafer Award for Business Excellence will be presented by the CASE Board during its annual conference. Award recipients agree to standard publicity notification arranged by CASE.


July 31, 2020​

Please submit completed nominations to:


Canadian Association for Supported Employment
Joy McKinnon, CASE Vice-President
P.O Box 66, Spy Hill SK S0A


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