Delta Regina Hotel

  Regina, Saskachewan

Opening Keynote: Dr. Richard Pimentel

Dr. Richard Pimentel is a nationally renowned expert on Disability Management, Job Recruitment, Job Retention, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Attitude Change. He is not only technically proficient, he is also an exceptional communicator whose audiences praise his ability to combine information, humor, metaphor, analogy and storytelling into an informative whole that does not just present the information, but really communicates it in a memorable fashion.

As a consultant, keynote speaker, professional trainer and author of numerous curricula and training guides, Dr. Pimentel is distinguished by his ability to predict industry trends and the needs of employers. He has designed and implemented return to work systems for the private sector and government employers throughout the country. He has pioneered proactive risk management, return to work and equal employment opportunity (EEO) programs to generate both cost-savings and enduring attitudinal changes in corporate culture.

Closing Keynote: Cory Johnson

Born with Cerebral Palsy and suffering a stroke at the age of 11 has not deterred Cory Johnson from living life to the fullest. He uses his life experiences, inspiration and education to overcome the barriers that others impose on him.

He encourages his audiences to see new possibilities within themselves and others. With his own perception on life, he’ll challenge you to remove some of your barriers.