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Declaration: Guiding Principles

Be it known to all Canadians that the following are the nine Best Practices in Supported Employment:

1. Choice & Control

Employment support is guided by the seeker to achieve her/his career aspirations.

2. Paid Employment

The job seeker securing employment receives the same rate of pay and benefits as other employees doing the same job. Individuals with competitive positions receive their paycheques directly from the employer.

3. Partnership & Mentoring

Job seekers, employers, direct service providers determine the individualized strategies for providing the support that will assist in career enhancement.  Ultimately, services will facilitate in maintaining job satisfaction for both the job seeker (now employee) and her/his employer).

4. Full Inclusion

Socially and economically included in their community.

5. Job Search

Timely and appropriate support is provided to achieve successful employment.


6. Individualized

Negotiate to meet the unique needs of the employer and specific skills of the job seeker, one person at a time.

7. Natural Supports

Employment supports are as unobtrusive as possible and fade or may face over time by building on community support and social capital.

8. Long-Term Support

The needed support is available to all stakeholders to ensure people maintain employment stability and achieve career enhancement.

9. Continuous Quality Improvement

Stakeholders are involved in the evaluation of services and the service provider implements improvements.

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